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What makes fundraising with Terra Essential Scents so successful?

Simplicity and Profitability!

We make it easy and profitable for groups of all sizes! No group is too small. Whether your group has 5 members or over 500, we make it simple and fun for you to raise money by selling a product that people will want to buy, and buy again!

Our fundraising program is designed to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Excellent Profit Margin Earn great profits no matter how much or little you sell.*
Quality Products Sell a product that you like. Our candles are hand poured using the finest ingredients and crafted with pride in the USA.
Online Sales When your customers place orders on our website, your organization will earn profit, even after your fundraiser is completed!
Easy Delivery Each seller’s order is individually packed.*
Free Shipping Invoices over $3,000 receive free shipping.*
Free brochures Free brochures, parent letters, order forms and prize packages.*
Committed Customer Service Our experienced staff is dedicated to supporting you throughout your fundraiser. You have a partner to help with every step of the process.
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Customers come back selling season after selling season. Your customers are our priority.

* These vary by fundraising distributor, sales representative or region.

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